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Picking up (and carrying) dog poop is a daily fact of life for dog owners who walk their dogs.  A Wise Walker gives you an easy way to stash that nasty poop bag while you finish your walk -- out of sight, out of mind, and out of your hands!  A simple solution to a terribly nasty problem.

Team Wise Walker started as 10-year-old twin sisters (Annalise and Sarah), a dog (Lola) and a dad on a mission to make dog poo less gross and to explore the lessons of entrepreneurship. You can meet the whole team by watching out Kickstarter video.

The idea for Wise Walker began in the spring of 2013 when the twins (10 years old at the time) and their dad took Lola for a walk.  

Like clockwork, Lola pooped.  I asked “who’s gonna pick that up?” The giddy answer was “you dad!”

I was resigned to do my duty (dooty?) as a dad and pick up the poop. Jokingly, I told the girls that if I had to pick it up then they at least had to carry the nasty bag. The predictable response was an enthusiastic, “Ooo… no way!… that's gross!” I couldn't blame them. It really is gross.

It’s also a constant distraction — whenever I’m carrying a poop bag, I’m constantly thinking about finding a place to dump off that bag. Once I do get rid of it, the distraction is immediately gone and I can enjoy the walk again.  Not to be melodramatic but getting rid of that bag really does feel like a weight being lifted from your mind.

As a chronic entrepreneur, that sounded to me like a “pain point”, a problem crying out to be solved.

I saw this as an opportunity to challenge the girls to think about a solution to the problem of carrying poop around… and directly experience what it means to think like an entrepreneur. Thanks to Socrates, we talked about solutions to the problem in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

Eventually, we did come up with an idea and that idea kept getting better and better.  In October of 2015, we launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and now hundreds of dog owners in four countries (and counting) are enjoying there walks more every day.

As of this writing (May, 2018) the girls are now 15, just finishing their freshman year of high school... and the entrepreneurial lessons continue. We are so grateful for the support we have received -- and continue to receive! -- from our many supporters. We are working on writing a book about our experiences that we hope will help other kids and families benefit from the lessons of entrepreneurship.


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